Silverwood Trees - How to get those saplings!

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Silverwood Trees - How to get those saplings! Empty Silverwood Trees - How to get those saplings!

Post by Grimtongue on Wed Oct 29, 2014 12:12 pm

Silverwood trees from Thaumcraft are really great; they are good looking, have magical effects and nodes, and they even fight off the tainted land.  However, getting their saplings is very difficult!  I tried using grafters and proven grafters, but those don't work at all.  I tried shearing the leaves, then using a terrain smasher (SEE NOTE).  I used a lucky Tinker's scythe and tree-felling axe to chop down about 50 silverwoods, but I only got about 35 saplings.  I looked all over the internet - I knew there had to be a better way.

Note on Shearing:
Shearing leaves sometimes produces a sapling as well as the leaf block, but the mod author stated that this is a bug [exploit] and has fixed the bug in newer versions of the mod.

Finally, I realized the solution was right there in the Thaumcraft mod the whole time, hiding in plain sight.  There is a Thaumium Grafter that has a 100% chance to produce a silverwood sapling when used on silverwood leaves!

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