Grimtongue's Fortress (pictures)

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Grimtongue's Fortress (pictures)

Post by Grimtongue on Sun Jan 18, 2015 12:22 am

Here are some pictures of my survival fortress on  (DW20 1.6.4).  This fortress is by far the largest thing I've ever built in minecraft, using over 2 million blocks.  It is also my home base on the server.

This first image is a map of 25% of the server's overworld.  In the bottom-right corner is the spawn, and the large black & green, biome-sized object in the upper-left is my fortress.

This next picture is an isometric view of the same dynamic map, zoomed in on my fortress and the surrounding area.  There is an NPC village at the top of the picture, and a large volcano on the bottom.  The white thing on the left is my bee farm.

Here's a screenshot of my bee farm, located outside my fortress due to the "Hellish, Arid" climate.

Approaching the fortress from the ground during daytime.

One of the eight guard towers, at night.

Inside the guard tower (not pictured: golem sentries).

Since I have power armor and a jetpack, I'll fly up for some aerial photos.

This lake of "resonant ender" contains over 50,000 liquified ender pearls.

The auto-smelter, where I cooked many of the brick and blocks.  I also used it to melt ender pearls for that lovely green lake.

Here is one of my high-speed mob grinders.  This one uses vacuum hoppers to collect the drops.

Here is the other, much higher-speed mob grinder.

Watch the moon rise.

Looking into the pyramid of power.  All of the awesome things are down there.

Below the fortron is an array of 120 heated redstone generators.  This is my back-up power system, which outputs 38,000 rf/t.

Below the heated redstone generators is the fortron energy array, which generates 8 million fortron per second.  The fortron is sent via tesseract to my Modular Force Field Systems (MFFS).  I did the majority of the terraforming and large-scale building with the MFFS.

In the exact center of the pyramid, in the center of the fortress, between the 4 fortron capacitors, you will find the entrance to my home on this server.

The entrance, from the inside.  It was just a 5 block drop and here we are.  Unwelcome guests will discover that the drop can be extended 60+ blocks, straight down to a netherrack fire pit at bedrock.

Next to the entrance are the power relays for each section of the base.  The large relay on the right is for the four laser drill towers.  This way I can quickly see if something is running low on power.

Just beyond the power relay is my computer system and monitors.  This system stores all of my resources, and handles all of the auto-crafting.

This is the auto-crafting room, which contains all of the machines necessary for auto-crafting (except for IC2, which has a separate room).  

The middle of the room is used for logic gates that keep a minimum level of the basic supplies in the auto-crafting system.

Here is my Industrial Craft 2 (IC2) room.  On the right is the ultra-high-speed resource processing system, while on the left is the ultra-high-speed material processing machines.  All machines perform 20 operations per second.  Under the glass floor is a dedicated power relay to meet the massive energy demand of the machines.  This room works in tandem with the other room to auto-craft just about anything in less than a second.

Here is my emergency backup power: an array of Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators.  In the event of a horrific disaster (which actually happened recently!) these generators keep my my grief-prevention system online and can kick-start my heated redstone generators.

Final section of the tour: The Power Room!
Sometimes you just have to do things big or go home.  Welcome to my power room.  First, you will notice that it's encased in a 2-layer thick wall of reinforced stone and reinforced glass.  This is because I had a HORRIFIC DISASTER during my first attempt to build this power room.

This system consists of 26 nuclear reactors and a lot of complex rednet logic to convert it all into Redstone Flux (RF) power.  This is from the center, showing the spot where the power goes into tesseracts.

This is the far end of the conversion segment.  There are over 70 resonant energy cells that act as a buffer for the power.  The peak output is 90,000 RF/tick.

Here are 26 3-chamber nuclear reactors, connected in serial, using rednet logic to shut them all down if any of them begins to over-heat.

Safety first! This heat monitor is something I didn't know about the first time I attempted to build this reactor room.  Also, I redesigned my reactors to be extremely safe.

Finally, here is the reactor design that I am using.  I'm sure there's better designs, but I made this one myself, so I'm proud of it.
Grimtongue's 3 chamber reactor

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

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Re: Grimtongue's Fortress (pictures)

Post by BiggJ39 on Sun Jan 18, 2015 10:59 am

Always thoroughly impressed when I see this! GREAT JOB MAN!

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Re: Grimtongue's Fortress (pictures)

Post by LordtheNth on Sun Jan 18, 2015 5:36 pm

I am impressed to the point of being slightly scared, wow.

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Re: Grimtongue's Fortress (pictures)

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