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Post by OasisMaximus on Tue Dec 08, 2015 10:22 am

The default rank.
Access to - All the default permissions, spawn in wooden tools with /kit woodkit and have access to the Drifter world, that is not staffed.

Rank available by application on the forums. Given to players who want to become a full fledged member of the Oasis FTB community!
Access to - All drifter permissions. They gain access to the main world, that is staffed, but lose access to the Drifter world. Spawn in torches with /kit torch, and basic power cables with /kit cable1.

Rank given to Travelers on the server who the staff deem trustworthy and who are active members of the community.
Access to - All Traveler permissions. Spawn in power cables with /kit cable2, basic item pipes with /kit pipe1, basic fluid pipes with /kit fluid1, mutandis with /kit mutandis and shards with /kit shards.

Rank given to the outstanding Explorers on the server. These people are very friendly, helpful, and can be completely trusted by the staff team. It is also the first rank given out at the promotions ceremony rather than during everyday play.
Access to - All Explorer permissions. Ability to spawn in a crescent hammer with /kit wrench, spawning in advanced energy cables with /kit cable3, advanced transport pipes with /kit pipe2 and advanced fluid pipes with /kit fluid2.

Once again given to the outstanding players in the community who have been noticed by the staff team, but these players are also exceptional builders!
Access to - All Adventurer permissions. Can spawn in a chisel with /kit chisel, a builder's wand with /kit wand, a diamond saw with /kit saw, marble with /kit marble, all kinds of stone with /kit stone and arcane stone with /kit arcane.

Rank available by application on the forums. Players must be at least Explorer rank to apply. Beast is given to those players that are the pillars of the Oasis community and have been around for a while. They are friendly and polite to all, helpful and respected.
Access to - All Craftsman permissions. Spawn in any legal item in the game with the /item command. They can also teleport to and from other players with /tpa and /tpahere.

The rank given to players who are once again pillars of the community, but not only are they polite and helpful, they are legendary builders. They have proven themselves by prolonged building in various different styles and techniques.
Access to - All Beast permissions. They also have access to switch between survival and creative mode, as well as the /god command to become invulnerable.

This is the only staff rank available by application on the forums. Primarily responsible for fixing griefs, banning players, and keeping the server under control. JrMods also have access to CoreProtect, our griefing rollback plugin, as well as full access to the TeamSpeak moderation commands. JrMods are also responsible for answering players' questions, and are generally very knowledgeable and can answer most questions.

In addition to the responsibilities granted to JrMods, Mods are known for being able to promote players, set-up and remove warps, and use WorldEdit. Mods are also responsible for assisting the JrMods and to help players when needed. Our Moderators help keep the relationship alive between Staff and the Community by running server-wide events, such as a Buildoff, PVP battles, and others. Mods are hand-picked by the Admins and Owners.

The highest rank on the moderating team. The role of the Admin is to ensure server stability from a technical perspective, and to assist players when needed. Admins are granted OP (operator) privileges and also granted remote desktop access (aka "console access"). They are allowed to manage the server and its plugins with more flexibility than the Mods. Admins are responsible for performing server restarts and plugin updates when needed. Admins also have the same responsibilities as Mods and JrMods, and are required to help out any player who asks for help. Admins are hand-picked by the Owners.


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