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Promoting The Server! Empty Promoting The Server!

Post by BiggJ39 on Wed Jan 20, 2016 10:24 pm

Hey Everyone!

So, with the new year comes new mods and hopefully new players on our server! To help with promoting the server, we would like to try and show people how cool the server is.

I will be doing a build/base showcase each week if I have people that would like to do it, and put them up on the forums! This will most likely be in video format and posted on YouTube on my account. Basically, I'd just need you to show me around your place, you can talk to me on TeamSpeak or not, and show set ups of things!

The direwolf20 server we ran had some extremely impressive bases, so why not show them off this time around!

As always, make sure to vote for the server, that always helps, and even drop a quick review on any of the websites, I'm sure you will be rewarded accordingly!

Thank you for your help in this and I hope a couple people will be up for this!


PS - If anyone has an idea to help get our name out there besides what we are doing, please reply to this thread!

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