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Question regarding FTB Empty Question regarding FTB

Post by AccusingPanda4 on Sun Jul 13, 2014 10:42 am

OK so I think one reason why I was having launcher problems was because I didn't have forge installed even though some mod packs come with forge but the DW20 doesn't so would I just have to manually install forge?It also said that I need a 64 bit system to run most mod packs but I only have a 32 bit so if anyone can come up with a solution that would be great.


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Question regarding FTB Empty Re: Question regarding FTB

Post by Paxination on Sun Jul 13, 2014 5:05 pm

First off, forge comes installed automatically. I've never had to install forge. Its required for any of the mod packs, so its included.

Not sure why your having launcher issues. Does the launcher even start? If it does, then your fine in that category. You might be thinking because the game doesnt finish loading that its a launcher thing. Maybe. Just speculating. Any rate, if you are having launcher problems. Try deleting the folder that ftb installed itself in, and the launcher too and start it up again and redownload the mod pack. I dont know why but for some people that have issues with the ftb launcher.

Now as far as 64bit goes. DW20 has 140 mods. It really needs more than 1gb of ram, which is why it needs a 64bit system. 64bit java will only run on a 64bit system. 32bit java can only use 1gb of memory. 64bit java can use more. Hence why it needs more. Now it is possible to play with 32bit, but not with out some modifications and some hacking around with your games settings and your pc's settings.

Now are you completely sure your system is 32 bit? Easy way to find out is to right click on your computer(or My Computer) icon and select properties. A window will pop up with info about your system, It will tell you there what BIT your operating system is running.

If you do have a 64bit OS, then you have a 32bit java running on your system. Which will work, but not for what you need for ftb. What you have to do at this point is uninstall java from your pc, restart your pc, and then install 64 bit java. this will definitely fix any issues you might be having atm.

Hope this info helps.


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