Get your pet turtles today! [details in post]

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Get your pet turtles today! [details in post]

Post by Grimtongue on Fri Aug 22, 2014 12:25 pm

I do a lot of programming in my free time, so I've been writing programs for ComputerCraft. The API is a little wonky, so I've been working on more efficient scripts (less "lag") than the ones that come with ComputerCraft.

If anyone would like a pet turtle, message me in-game. As of right now, my turtles can do two things for you:
(1) They can fill in quarry holes or lakes of any size. You supply them with sand or gravel and they do all the work for you!
(2) They can dig quarries for you! Unlike regular quarry machines, turtles do not create server lag. My turtles are also very tidy - they will destroy any liquids they find while quarrying.

Important notes:
(1) Turtles must remain inside the range of a chunk loader at all times! I use the chicken-chunks loader to load 3x3 chunks (9 total). This creates less server lag than a human player at the same map location.
(2) I need 7 iron ingot, a vanilla chest, and 3 diamonds for each turtle.
(3) Turtles are better than claptraps for many reasons, but mainly because turtles are better at dancing.

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